Yala Safari Camping

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When you love something – you want to preserve it. You want to ensure that for generations to come, the unspoiled natural beauty that took our breath away will do the same for our children, their children and everyone to come.

We believe that when we use something, when it gives us something – it’s our duty to give back. And we apply this theory to our work in wildlife as well. Everything we do at the Beach Camp is done with the aim of affecting the natural environment as little as possible. Remember it is not our home we are merely guests.

In addition we proudly work in line with the National Wildlife Policy of Sri Lanka (http://www.dwc.gov.lk/index.php/policies-a-legislations.html) and strongly believe in a firm commitment to the protection of the natural beauty our country has been blessed with.

As our guests, you play an important role in helping us maintain this ideal. By choosing us – you signify not only your commitment to quality service, but also your commitment to choose an organization that has values and respects the world around them.