Yala Safari Camping

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Gaming Rides

The fear of getting bored certainly will never be a legitimate fear when LSC is handling the show. In fact one visit may not be enough for you to enjoy all we have to offer.

Yala boasts of the highest leopard population in the island and a wide variety of wildlife. Join the guided safaris with their experienced trackers where you have the opportunity to marvel at not only leopards, but also elephants and perhaps even sloth bears in their natural environment.

With its incredibly variety of birds; one can even choose to spend the day bird watching. And that’s not even the half of it – we also offer hiking trails, photography trails, lake finishing and so much more.


Night Safari

If you are looking for something a little different and off the beaten track, then consider a night safari in Yala jungle. It offers you the opportunity of immersing in the beauty and splendour of nature bathed in moonlight while seeing nocturnal animals in natural settings. This provides the opportunity for visitors to appreciate and value the treasures of nature. You are simply exposed to the wildlife habitats where the sounds made by numerous creatures can be heard and the animals that roam the jungle at night could be sighted.


Bird Watching

The Beach Camp Yala is situated with close proximity to some of the best places in the world to watch birds.

Bundala National Park is only a 30 minute drive from the hotel and one could enjoy the unique opportunity of seeing some hundreds of rare species. It is reported that there are over 197 species of bird both migratory and endogenous; over 383 plant species and over 324 species of vertebrates living in this 6216 hectare park.

Kumana is a well-known bird sanctuary situated in the Yala East and spreads over 35,664 hectares. It is a place where the birds breed and roost and this had made the place famous among bird watchers. During the months of April- July one could see many species of birds that flew over 9000-11,000 kilometres every year to reach the Kumana Park.


Country Life

You can enjoy a cart ride around a traditional village and enjoy Lankan cuisine made by village women while taking pleasure in seeing the country life where serenity prevails. The tour also includes the opportunity to witness the making of traditional Sri Lankan food including curd, sweetmeats by Sinhala women.



Kirinda known for its historical importance has recently been recognized as one of the best sites for diving. World renowned science fiction icon Arthur C Clarke pioneered in putting Kirinda on the map when he used it as his base for his diving exploration to write his book The Treasure of the Reef. It’s only five-minute walk from the hotel to dive into an experience of combination of sandstone reefs carved by strong tides, watching many species of fish including, angel-fishes, rays, giant maori wrasses, porpoises, gray sharks and tuna. Diving in sea waters off Kirinda is a rare experience indeed.



Kirinda is a traditional fishing village and boasts of long standing cultures of both karadiya (sea water) and miridiya (fresh water) fishing traditions. There is a rare opportunity to study these cultures with first hand experiences in their livelihoods including fisher folk hauling in their ma-del or fishing nets, drying fish for karavala (dry fish) etc. Fishing in the Yoda Weva is an exciting experience. This could be bettered with the prospect of cruising to the Kurulu Doopatha (Birds Island) to hold a BBQ party.


Other Activities

  • Deep Sea Fishing Full Day Breakfast and Lunch @ the Boat.
  • Scuba Diving at Maharawana / Kudarawana and Lite House.
  • Snorkeling at Best Reef Maharawana.
  • Bicycle Riding.
  • Yala National Park Safari Block 01 and 05.
  • Explore History Culture at Kirinda Temple.
  • Special Beach B.B.Q (Fishermen's Grill)